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Things to Do in Baja California, Mexico

Known for its party destinations, Baja California, a peninsula in the West of Mexico, is popular among travelers looking to let loose. That’s not to say you shouldn’t visit the region if you’re looking for a peaceful escape, as its beaches and parks offer unbeatable tranquility.


Playas de Tijuana stretches for four kilometers, offering a variety of private and public beaches that are perfect for some rest and relaxation. Its main attraction, however, is the Avenida Revolución, full of souvenir shops, restaurants, and nightclubs.

Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
Tijuana is famous for its nightlife and beaches. 

At one end, you’ll find Plaza Santa Cecilia, with art stalls and street performers; however, for a real taste of Tijuana’s culture, you should visit the Zona Río. This downtown area is home to Centro Cultural Tijuana, an art center, and Plaza Río, a huge shopping mall. It also has its fair share of nightlife, especially around Plaza del Zapato, where warehouses have been transformed into trendy clubs.


Unwind in Ensenada by taking a wine tour around the Valle de Guadalupe, just 20 kilometers north of the city. Try to visit in August, when the town hosts the Grape Harvest Fiesta and local wineries set up stalls in the center. If you visit at any other time, you can experience the vibrant nightlife scene in the Zona Centro.

Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico
Take a walk along Ensenada's coastline.

Alternatively, take a walk along the Malecon to enjoy views of Ensenada’s coastline. While the beaches aren’t that scenic, stretches such as Playa Hermosa are popular for beach yoga, walks, and challenging surfing. For more natural beauty, take a day trip to La Bufadora, a marine geyser, where water spurts 30 meters into the air every few minutes.

Central Baja

The area between Ensenada and La Paz is less popular among tourists, so it’s a great region to visit if you want to get off the beaten track. In the North of the region, you’ll find coastal areas such as San Felipe and Bahía Concepción, which have gorgeous blue-green waters and soft white sand.

Whales, Baja California, Mexico
You might spot some whales in Guerrero Negro or San Ignacio. 

If you’re looking to spot gray whales, head to Guerrero Negro, or San Ignacio, which are also great bases for exploring Baja California’s cave art. You can easily take a day trip to the UNESCO world heritage site of Sierra de San Francisco, home to 500 rock art sites dating back around 8,000 years.  

Towards the South, Loreto is a more built up area, with popular resorts and a fairly bustling town. Take the opportunity to snorkel or scuba dive to spot over 900 fish species.

Del Carmen, Baja California, Mexico
Visit the island of Del Carmen. 

Alternatively, take a trip to nearby islands, such as Del Carmen, for challenging mountainous hikes and unbeatable panoramic views back over the mainland.

La Paz

Like nearby towns, La Paz hosts incredible sea life, so don’t leave before snorkeling or diving. Enjoy amazing ocean views by strolling along the Malecon, or take a trip to the nearby Espiritu Santo island to swim with adorable sea lions in their natural habitat.

Sea Lion, La Paz, Baja California, Mexico
Sea lions live on the Espiritu Santo island.

The town center itself is quiet, with a few sights such as Catedral Nuestra Señora de la Paz. This 19th-century church has a gorgeous neoclassical façade and intricate baroque altarpiece. For more impressive architecture, take a day trip to the nearby Todos Santos, full of colorful colonial buildings, galleries, and restaurants.

Los Cabos

Lover’s Beach is a must-see while in Los Cabos. This sandy stretch got its name from the way the two bodies of water (from the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez) meet during a storm. From the beach, you’ll get great views of El Arco, a natural archway over the water, and will probably spot several sea lions.

El Arco, Los Cabos, Baja California, Mexico
El Arco is a natural archway over the water.

Explore more scenery at the Biosphere Sierra de la Laguna for freshwater spring pools, or take the short hike to the 100-meter peak of Mount Solmar for great views over Cabo San Lucas.

While Cabo San Lucas — with its huge array of bars, restaurants, and nightclubs — is the most popular town in the area, it’s also worth visiting San Jose del Cabo. This quieter alternative is popular for colonial architecture and its vibrant art scene.

Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, Mexico
Cabo San Lucas is the most popular town in the area.

You should also take a trip to Wirikuta Botanical Cactus Garden to discover 1,500 cactus and succulent species across 50,000 square meters. It also hosts a sculpture garden and a dance show every Wednesday. 

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Known for its party destinations, Baja California, a peninsula in the West of Mexico, is popular among travelers looking to let loose.

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