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Things to Do in Barbados

If you’re looking for a sunny, beach getaway, look no further than the island of Barbados. With the Caribbean Sea to the West and the Atlantic to the East, Barbados has a huge range of sandy stretches to enjoy. Be sure to spend a few days away from the coast, exploring the island’s cultural sights and luscious greenery, too!


Barbados’ capital, Bridgetown, is home to 110,000 people and offers beaches, culture, and great food and drink. Check out Carlisle Beach for clear water, soft sand, and great snorkeling opportunities, which allow you to see sea turtles and shipwrecks. Head into the city center to enjoy local culture and architecture, such as the Bridgetown Jewish Synagogue, one of the oldest synagogues in the world, and St. Michael’s Cathedral, home to the largest pipe organ in the Caribbean.

Bridgetown, Barbados
Barbados’ capital, Bridgetown, is home to 110,000 people and offers beaches, culture, and great food and drink.

While in the capital, be sure to spend some time sampling one of Barbados’ main exports: rum! St. Nicholas Abbey is one of the oldest distilleries in the Caribbean. Located in a 350-year-old building, surrounded by beautiful silk cotton trees, you can discover how local rum is produced while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. Alternatively, head over to Mount Gay Rum Distillery, where you’ll get a free cocktail at the start of your tour.

Be a Beach Bum

If you’re looking for a lively beach atmosphere, check out Accra Beach, with a busy boardwalk and plenty of burger and beer stands.

Accra Beach, Barbados
Accra Beach is just one of the many beaches in Barbados. 

Alternatively, head over to the popular southern Silver Sands, where kite and windsurfers take advantage of the constant breeze. The island’s East Coast beaches are more rugged and cliffy than elsewhere in Barbados. Bathsheba, for example, offers fantastic surfing opportunities, surrounded by striking cliffs and rock formations. The tide is too strong to swim, but you can take a dip in one of the natural whirlpool baths along the coast.

Marine Wildlife

The largest marine park in Barbados is in Carlisle Bay, where you can spot barracudas, sea turtles, and other tropical fish; however, Folkestone Marine Park in the St. James Parish is also a fantastic place to get up close and personal to marine wildlife.

Carlisle Beach, Barbados
Carlisle Bay is great for spotting barracudas, sea turtles, and other tropical fish.

While exploring the North of the island, be sure to stop off at Animal Flower Cave, which gets its name from the sea anemones in its tidal pools. For more impressive rock formations, head over to Harrison’s Cave, home to a gorgeous blue stream, surrounded by impressive stalactites and stalagmites.

Away from the Coast

To experience Barbados’ land-based wildlife, check out the Barbados Wildlife Reserve in the North. Stretching over 16,000 square meters, this area is home to deer, peacocks, tortoises, and the famous green monkey.

Barbados Wildlife Reserve, Barbados
The Barbados Wildlife Reserve is home to deer, peacocks, tortoises, and the famous green monkey.

Alternatively, head further inland to experience Hunte’s Garden, located in the middle of Barbados’ tropical rainforest. The east-to-follow path will take you past rare exotic plants and wildlife, including hummingbirds. If you want to see more beautiful flowers, plants, and trees, visit the island in January and February, when the Barbados Horticultural Society opens up some of the island’s most impressive private gardens.

Smaller Towns and Cities

Learn more about Barbados by exploring the towns and cities outside of its capital. Holetown on the West Coast, for example, is Barbados’ oldest settlement. It’s most famous for the Folkestone Marine Park, but also has a colorful market in the Chattel Village, surrounded by traditional wooden homes.

Holetown, Barbados
Holetown is Barbados’ oldest settlement.

Oistins in the South, meanwhile, is best known for its delicious fresh fish, but its Southern Plaza — where you’ll find pottery, paintings, and wood carvings — is also a great spot for some souvenir shopping. While in the North, don’t miss out on Speightstown, famous for its old forts which once looked over Barbados’ busiest port.

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